Powerful Production Car

The new RCZ R coupe is the most powerful production car ever made by Peugeot


Powerful Production Car


The new RCZ R coupe is the most powerful production car ever made by Peugeot – producing an impressive 199kW* - and is the latest addition to our stunning Coupes & Cabriolets range.

An exciting balance of power and precision, it still delivers that distinctive RCZ style, but with a lot more oomph.


Get ready for the RCZ R. The fastest production car Peugeot has ever built and combines the high level performance of a sports coupé with exceptional efficiency. RCZ R was developed by Peugeot Sport to be race track capable but it is equally accomplished and just as enjoyable to drive on the road.


Specifically designed to combine elegance and performance, every aspect of the RCZ R asserts its distinct personality. It features a lowered profile and is filled with unique accents that mark it as something special – like 19" 'R' branded alloy wheels, racing sports bucket seating with ‘R’ branded leather / alcantara, fixed rear spoiler and a twin sports exhaust. It all adds to its alluring race car appeal.


The new RCZ R builds on the RCZ's award winning handling, with increased power, torque and acceleration. Wider front tracks, a lower ride height and enhanced suspension settings help it grip the road. A fixed rear spoiler provides stability at high speeds.


The new RCZ R’s 1.6 THP turbocharged petrol engine generates 199kW, propelling the car from 0-100km/h in just 5.9 seconds. That power comes from engineering innovations like Formula One grade forged aluminium pistons and an uprated clutch.

Euro 6 emission standard compliant, it achieves 6.3l/100km combined consumption and CO2 emissions of just 145g/km, so all that performance won’t cost the earth.


The RCZ R features many Peugeot Sport-specific attributes, including extra large red calipers on the front wheels.

Its sporty, high-tech, 19-inch matt black/sparkling two-tone alloy wheels are engraved with a striking R monogram, also found on the front and rear ends of the car, that make a distinctively bold statement.

The aluminium door sills have an R monogram and Peugeot Sport signature, and there is also an R badge fixed to the centre console.


At Peugeot, we've been using motorsport as a development platform for our cars for 120 years. In fact, Peugeot won the world’s first motorsport event, a reliability trial from Paris to Rouen in 1894.

We followed with another victory a year later in the world’s first speed race from Paris-Bordeaux-Paris. For 120 years, we have continued to demonstrate our motorsport success, winning across multiple disciplines and events.


The new RCZ R has the signature ‘double-bubble’ roof and black roof arches, and combines an even lower profile with subtle design flourishes hinting at the performance to come, such as stylish 19'' 'R' alloy wheels, front and rear 'R' badging and dual sports exhaust.


From bumper to bumper, the new Peugeot RCZ R is unique, uncompromising and designed to catch your attention. It's unmistakably the sporty sibling to the RCZ, retaining the distinctive ‘double-bubble’ roof and matt black roof arches. Sports additions like the fixed rear spoiler, two-tone 19" 'R' alloy wheels and the ‘R’ badge on the front and rear, gives the RCZ R its race car appeal.


The new RCZ R has been engineered and tested by the Peugeot Sport team to their demanding standards. They’ve taken their experience from years of Le Mans racing and used it to make a truly exciting sports car.


The new RCZ R has the same signature ‘double-bubble’ roof as the RCZ. Flowing into the sculpted curves of the rear wings, which echo the fluid redesign of the front end. The overall effect is one of balance and sophistication – giving you sporty design along with a distinct feeling of exclusivity.


The new RCZ comes with striking two-tone 19’’ ‘R’ Alloy wheels as standard. It’s also fitted with bold contrasting red sports brake discs at the front.


Complementing the sleek lines of the new RCZ R is its twin chrome exhaust which adds to that sense of power and style. Whilst the fixed rear spoiler provides stability at high speeds.


The interior of the new RCZ R matches the sophistication of the exterior, with an enhanced dashboard and perfectly positioned instruments. The lines are clean and fluid and the surfaces have a soft, tactile finish. The enhanced dashboard also brings all of the controls into easy reach of the driver and declutters the cabin.


As soon as you open the door you'll discover a race-car-like cockpit inspired by Peugeot Sport's expert know-how and entirely devoted to the driver's enjoyment. The supportive bucket seat is ideal for enjoying the RCZ R's dynamic handling.

The small steering wheel, short gear stick, distinct aluminum handle with red trim and new bucket seats with reinforced back support actively contribute to ensuring an enjoyable ride.


The RCZ R features racing front bucket seats with extra back support. Their sporty style is further enhanced by a combination of full-grain Nappa leather with black Alcantara accented upholstery branded with an "R".


Time was also spent fine tuning the interior. Red stitching details have been added in the upholstery to give the car a sporty edge and a tinge of additional sports luxury.


The RCZ R's refined elegance is reflected in the bucket seats' stylish leather / alcantara accented upholstery.


Peugeot Connect combines state-of-the-art audio, multimedia, sat nav and Bluetooth® hands-free technology in one simple, integrated system, making every journey even more enjoyable. Listen to your music or the radio at concert hall quality, then seamlessly switch to making a call – and all while being smoothly guided to your destination.


The Peugeot Connect Satellite Navigation (RT6) system is fully interactive and easy to use and takes the stress out of any journey. It includes a high-res 7" screen, which gives you amazing clarity.


The Peugeot Connect USB box lets you listen to tracks from an MP3 player or iPod through the new RCZ R's audio system, so you could have your entire music collection in the car with you.

Track listings appear on the touchscreen and, with Bluetooth®, you can also stream music wirelessly and use it to make and receive safe, hands-free phone calls.


Directional bi-Xenon headlights give off a brighter, whiter light twice the intensity of a standard halogen globe. Producing a much wider beam, they use less power and last longer, reduce eye fatigue and pick out colours more clearly.

The spray from wet, muddy roads can lead to a build up of grime on your headlights. The RCZ R's headlight washers will keep them clean so the road ahead is always brilliantly lit at night.


The RCZ R has safety and security in its core. Its dynamic stability control system includes Intelligent Traction Control - a hi-tech anti-skid system, as well as Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Emergency Brake Assist.


The RCZ R comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce oversteer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels.


The new RCZ R has front airbags that can adapt their pressure to the intensity of any impact for increased safety, as well as side airbags built into the seats - a must for any safety-conscious coupé.


The Peugeot RCZ R includes the best in braking safety technology - from ESP with its traction control system which continuously compares stability information to detect understeer or oversteer. If you need to stop in a hurry, ABS and Emergency Brake Assist increase the effectiveness of braking, while Electronic Brake Force Distribution works wheel by wheel to make braking into corners safer.



Fitted with a powerful new engine that's one of the best in its class. It's even Euro 6.1 emission-compliant.


1.6 Turbo (199kW) ManualL 6 Speed

  • Combined Consumption (L/100 KM) 6.3
  • City Consumption (L/100KM) 8.4
  • Highway Consumption (L/100KM) 5.1
  • CO2 Emissions (G/KM) 145
  • Emissions Class D
  • Cubic Capacity (CC) 1598
  • Max Power (KW @ RPM) 199 @ 6000
  • Maximum Speed 250
  • 0 to 100 KM/H 5.9


At Peugeot, we've been using motorsport as a development platform for our cars for 120 years. In fact, Peugeot won the world’s first motorsport event, a reliability trial from Paris to Rouen in 1894. We followed with another victory a year later in the world’s first speed race from Paris-Bordeaux-Paris.

For 120 years, we have continued to demonstrate our motorsport success, winning across multiple disciplines and events. This includes victories in some of the world's most famous motorsport events, such as the World Rally Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak, Dakar and the Indianapolis 500.

Everything Peugeot Sport has learned has been injected into the development of the RCZ R - the ultimate balance between sports car performance and driveability for every day use.


At 199kW the new RCZ R is the most powerful production car Peugeot has ever created, enabling the 1.6 turbo engine to propel the RCZ R from 0-100km/h in just 5.9 seconds. But it still has an eye on the environment and produces only 145g/km of CO2 with a combined fuel consumption of 6.3l/100km. So the joy of being on the road doesn’t have to cost the earth or your wallet.


The Peugeot Sport engineers have gone over every detail of the car to increase power and performance whilst maintaining that unique RCZ style. The engineering tweaks include an uprated clutch and Formula One grade forged aluminium pistons. The con-rods have been modified to withstand use at high engine speeds. Patended and presented in 2011 by MAHLE, this is a world-first use in production.


The RCZ R is equipped with a Torsen® limited slip differential, which provides excellent braking and cornering stability, particularly when dealing with tight turns. The aerodynamic lines, lower center of gravity and enhanced suspension settings also contribute to its remarkable road-holding ability. The wheels have a brand-new spec of dampers, tighter springs and a stiffer anti-roll bar, giving this playful sports car exceptional handling.

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