All New 308 Touring
Practical and Stylish

The perfect balance of practicality and style - The all-new 308 Touring delivers a flexible and comfortable family space that really stands out from the crowd.


Practical and Stylish


The perfect balance of practicality and style – the PEUGEOT 308 Touring wagon delivers a flexible and comfortable family space that really stands out from the crowd.


The perfect balance of practicality and style – the all-new 308 Touring delivers a flexible and comfortable family space that really stands out from the crowd.


The PEUGEOT 308 was crowned upon its release with the prestigious title of 2014 “European Car of the Year”, awarded by a jury of 58 senior European motoring journalists representing 22 European countries.

The European Car of the Year is an expert, independent judgement of all new cars on the European market. It is an international award, judged by a panel of senior motoring journalists across Europe. Its object is to acclaim the most outstanding new car to go on sale in the 12 months preceding the date of the title.

30 new models from American, Korean, European and Japanese manufacturers, on sale in Europe during 2013, were eligible for the 2014 “European Car of the Year” award. This list was reduced to seven finalist models. The 308 was the winner having received 307 points.

The 2014 “European Car of the Year” title represents the most prestigious recognition for the 308, which embodies the brand’s values of excellence, in terms of its design, elegant and dynamic, efficient concept based on an advanced approach to weight reduction, driving experience with its innovative instruments and controls (the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit) playing a part and quality of the highest level.

In addition, the development of the 308 included 4 million km of test driving, plus 15,000 hours of endurance testing to ensure we built the best car wonder the 308 was awarded with one of the most coveted automotive awards in the world.


The 308 Touring has undergone vigorous and extensive testing to ensure its quality is second to none. Using new manufacturing processes and only the best materials gives it a pure style throughout. It’s sound-proofed for an undisturbed ride and a range of high quality seating trims mean that the interior is both beautiful and durable, making it perfect for family life.

We know we've built a strong, high quality car, but, just to be on the safe side, we’ve put it through its paces with over 4,000,000 kilometres of test driving and 15,000 hours of endurance testing. That's the meaning of quality.

Watch the video of Gilles Vidal, PEUGEOT Director of Design, describe the quality of the 308 Touring.


The 308 Touring is packed full of technology to give you the ultimate driving experience. A lower centre of gravity, a more compact steering wheel and newly-developed electric power steering gives the 308 Touring an incredibly responsive and controlled driving experience.

4: PEUGEOT i-Cockpit

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit reflects the simple yet intuitive nature of the 308 Touring. With a sporty driving position and a compact, responsive steering wheel, the dials are positioned directly above it so you can keep your eyes on the road. The large 9.7" colour touch screen houses most of the car’s onboard technology which means full control is right at your fingertips.


The 308 Touring is both stylish and spacious, making it the perfect family car. With a stunning profile, its distinctive bonnet and large wheel arches give it a sporty appearance, and it comes with full LED headlights and rear lights to improve visibility and reduce energy consumption. The minimal interior feels modern and sleek, and with bags of room for all the family and anything else you need to take with you, the 308 Touring is truly a car of both style and substance.


The 308 Touring comes with a sizeable 625 litre boot space and is 140kg lighter than its predecessor. It even boasts a 'Magic Flat' rear seat, which allows you to instantly fold down the two sides of the back seat with handy switches on both sides of the boot. The result means an even larger boot area spanning 1,740 litres, whenever you need it. As for efficiency, you have a Euro 6 110kW BlueHDi turbo diesel. With CO2 emissions of just 111g/km and combined fuel consumption as low as 4.2l/100km, the 308 Touring is as efficient as they come.


The 308 was subjected to a significant amount of durability testing in its deveopment phase. In addition to 4 million kilometres of test driving, the 308 underwent 15,000 hours of endurance testing, including 2,500 hours of 4-post rig testing. The air conditioning was tested for 250,000 cycles, the touchscreen had around 4.3 million press actions without failure and there are 1,800 quality controls in factory final acceptance. That's the meaning of quality.

Watch the video to see the 308 durability and quality testing in action.


The PEUGEOT 308 Touring has all the elegance and eye-catching design of its 308 hatch counterpart, plus all the space you could need in a family car. It’s no wonder it won 2014 European Car of the Year.


True to PEUGEOT’s distinctive style, the 308 Touring has an eye-catching feline appearance featuring strong signature headlights and rear lights, all made out of the highest quality materials.

In this video PEUGEOT's Director of Design, Gilles Vidal, discusses the exterior design of the 308 Touring.


The rear of the car features a beautiful aerodynamic design with a subtle pyramid shape. Designed for practicality and style – the car is unmistakably PEUGEOT.


At the front, slim full LED headlights plus LED daytime running lights define a feline look, and reinforce the 308 Touring's dynamic image. These LEDs are an impressive 50% more efficient than standard headlights.


The rear of the car features eye-pleasing LED lighting, which are 50% more efficient than standard lights. There are additional LEDs which light up during emergency braking, giving added security and peace of mind.


The 308 Touring comes with 17" 'Rubis' alloy wheels or optional 18’’ 'Saphire' alloy wheels.


The inside of the PEUGEOT 308 Touring lives up to the high standards set by its exterior. The cockpit is intuitively designed, giving the driver access to all the car’s controls - it’s the perfect balance of technology and comfort.

PEUGEOT i-Cockpit

The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit reflects the simple yet ultra-intuitive nature of the all-new 308 Touring. With a sporty driving position and a compact, responsive steering wheel, the dials are positioned directly above it so you can keep your eyes on the road. The large colour touch screen houses most of the car’s onboard technology which means full control is right at your fingertips.

The sleek interior design features a clean, airy front section with very few visible buttons and exquisite quality materials, affirming the careful attention to details and finishing touches. The minimalist look is totally innovative and unique.


So you can drive with the minimum of distractions, our Head-Up instruments let you see the dials without looking away from the road.

Because of the high, sporty positioning, you can see the dials over the steering wheel, rather than trying to look through it.


Like the 5-door model, the all-new 308 Touring features a sporty, compact steering wheel which not only lets you respond in a flash to whatever is happening on the road, but also allows the instrument panel to be completely visible at all times, so there's no need to look away from the traffic when you’re on the road.


On board the all-new Peugeot 308 Touring is a large 9.7" touch screen tablet turned towards the driver and perfectly integrated into the central dashboard.

Intuitive to use and customisable, it provides fingertip access to most features.


Each interior element fits perfectly into the cockpit: very few buttons are visible, the touch screen is an integrated high-tech panel, and the volume controls reflect its high-end character.

The dashboard, which is fully covered in foamed plastic, and the satin chrome and glossy black trim reflect the careful attention to detail.


The automatic dual-zone air conditioning in the all-new 308 Touring means you can have cool air keeping you alert while your passenger enjoys more warmth – or vice versa.

The car’s climate control feature will automatically maintain the dual temperature settings for you, or you can adjust the controls yourself via the touch screen.


Fancy open-topped motoring without the wind playing havoc with your hair? Then how about a panoramic glass roof (available as an option) that floods your cabin with light, making it feel even more spacious. The innovative in-built canopy filters out light when it’s very bright outside, so you never get dazzled.


If you’re looking for extra space – then the 308 Touring has what you need. With one click the rear seats fold, increasing the boot space from 625 litres to 1,740 litres. The boot also features ergonomic securing points with moveable hooks on chrome rails to allow you to easily organise and secure your loads as well as a retracting boot cover for extra security. This is a car designed to fit around your lifestyle.

Watch the video to see the magic flat seats in action.


The 308 Touring comes with high-quality sports seats which keep you comfortable and give you the optimum driving position. Trims available are:

  • ALLURE (diesel) - Mistral Alcantara / TEP trim 
  • NAPPA LEATHER - optional (includes heated front seats)


The PEUGEOT 308 Touring features an array of innovative new technologies designed to increase its overall performance. From the interactive touch screen to the responsive engine technology, control is right at your fingertips.


Our largest touch screen to date brings all your multimedia and air conditioning controls together in one place for ease of use. This stylish touch screen is framed by a simple dashboard, with very few buttons and just one large volume dial - an original approach to complete a minimalist look.


Why waste petrol if you’re waiting at a red light or in traffic? The PEUGEOT 308 Touring’s BlueHDi diesel Stop & Start system senses when you come to a halt and stops the engine. Then it starts it again as soon as you want to move off. It means you use less fuel and produce up to 15% less CO2 while driving in the city.


PEUGEOT Connect combines state-of-the-art audio, multi-media, satellite navigation and Bluetooth™ hands-free technology in one simple, integrated system. It makes every journey even more enjoyable, so you can listen to your music or the radio at concert hall quality, then seamlessly switch to making a call – and all while being smoothly guided to your destination. The 308 Touring also features an in-dash CD player and a USB port.


BlueHDi is the name given to PEUGEOT’s latest generation fuel and environmentally efficient HDi turbo diesel engine. Generated from a world-famous diesel heritage and innovative, automotive engineering excellence, BlueHDi complies with Euro 6 emission standards to deliver a driving experience rich in power and performance but with exceptional fuel economy and CO2 emissions. A three stage cleansing process specifically targets the pollutants of diesel combustion, removing hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, reducing nitrogen oxides by up to 90% and eliminating 99.9% of particulates. Watch the video above to find out more.


Don’t worry about going too fast or too slow – just set the dynamic cruise control to your optimum speed and the 308 Touring will automatically stick to it. It will sense when you’re approaching another car and slow down for safety, then speed back up when you’ve passed it.


You don’t have eyes in the back of your head, but the 308 Touring has the next best thing – a clever sensor that warns you if there’s something in your blind spot when you’re manoeuvring.


The PEUGEOT 308 Touring uses our newly-developed electric power assisted steering, making it even more responsive. This also means its CO2 emissions are further reduced, and it has an even tighter turning circle – ideal for city driving.


The PEUGEOT 308 Touring includes an electric parking brake. It automatically engages when the engine stops and releases when the engine starts.


Backing into a parking space or getting out of one has never been easier, thanks to the 308 Touring’s Enhanced Park Assist feature. The system assesses the parallel space available and directs you towards a suitable space, then the ultrasound sensors guide you in simply and safely. The 'enhanced' feature of this functionality on the 308 Touring means that it can also guide you into a normal parking space in a car park as well as a parallel spot.


No more fumbling for your keys and stabbing at the door handle in the dark. With the PEUGEOT Open & Go system, you have keyless entry, meaning you’re ready to go. Just open the door, take a seat and hit the start button and you're off.


Your safety is, of course, paramount to the design of any Peugeot car – and the all-new 308 Touring is no exception. Designed to keep all the family as safe as possible, it’s no surprise it was awarded a 5 Star Euro NCAP rating.


In a hazardous situation, the 308 Touring detects if you are about to lose control and applies the brakes for you, whilst giving you an emergency alert to warn you and help you stay in control and avoid a collision – just one more way to keep you safe. Standard on Allure diesel.


The car features driver and front passenger side and front airbags, and in the back there are curtain airbags for the front and rear windows, so everyone on board is safe.


Every part of the all-new Peugeot 308 Touring has been designed for maximum safety. That's one of the reasons it gained a 5 star rating – the highest rating possible – from Euro NCAP, the most widely-recognised independent vehicle safety assessor in Europe.


The all-new 308 Touring comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce over steer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels.


Even in tight city spaces, parking is a doddle with the reversing camera. It’s triggered automatically when you shift into reverse, and an image of what’s behind you is displayed on the screen, helping you to reverse safely in any situation.


Hill starts are now a breeze, thanks to the 308 Touring’s Hill Assist feature. When the car’s on a slope, it keeps the brakes on for about two seconds after you take your foot off, making it much easier for you to move off.


Quite simply, like its hatchback counterpart, the all-new 308 Touring is designed to be the most efficient car in its class.


A range of petrol and diesel engines are available on the all-new 308 Touring. The BlueHDi turbo diesel engine produces 110kW power, but just 111g of CO2 per kilometre, and combined fuel consumption of 4.2l/100km (automatic transmission), making life cheaper at the pumps.


Lean engines can only do so much, so we made the all-new 308 Touring leaner too - a massive 140kgs lighter than the previous model, most of which is due to the new chassis.

But clever production techniques and use of ultra high-strength steel means the weight savings come without compromise in quality or rigidity, which makes for a great drive.


The suspension on the all-new 308 Touring has been optimised to take advantage of the lower weight, and it doesn't end there - because the centre of gravity of the car has dropped by 2cm and the new chassis has allowed the wheels to be pushed right out to sit flush with the bodywork, this really is a car that loves corners - and so will you.


Continuing Peugeot’s commitment to the minimisation of the environmental impact its of motor vehicles and significantly reducing fuel consumption, CO2 and other emissions, the new BlueHDi engine already complies with the stringent Euro 6 emission standard.


The boot boasts an impressive space of 625 litres; among the largest in its class. And with flat folding rear seats and ergonomic securing points to keep your luggage in place the volume can expand to 1,740 litres – this car fits perfectly into family life.