A legendary PEUGEOT Coupé 204 at the Tour Auto 2022

A legendary PEUGEOT Coupé 204 at the Tour Auto 2022

For the second year running, PEUGEOT is supporting the Tour Auto 2022, from 25 to 30 April, with the number 45 team of François Allain and Nicolas Guenneteau in a legendary PEUGEOT 204 coupé. This very special car is an authentic rally beast. It which first became famous in competition in the 1970s, before becoming a TV celebrity, thanks to a magnificent restoration that was the subject of a report in 2021 in François Allain's programme Vintage Mecanic.

A team crazy about cars and PEUGEOT

The PEUGEOT 204 coupé will be driven by a strong team for its third joint participation in the Tour Auto.

François Allain is a famous automotive journalist. Creator of the PEUGEOT 204 and 304 Club in 1990, he is undoubtedly the journalist who has written the most about PEUGEOT's heritage. Over the past 25 years, he has produced hundreds of articles in the written press, hundreds of television reports and written five reference books on the brand's various models. He hosts the Vintage Mecanic TV show on RMC Découverte.

Nicolas Guenneteau, a member of the PEUGEOT 204 and 304 club, is a well-known car restorer and a contributor to the TV show Vintage Mecanic, for which he has restored several PEUGEOT models: the 201 for the Normandy Beach Race, the red PEUGEOT 304 used in Les Carnets de Julie food show, and the PEUGEOT 204 Group 4 coupé entered in the Tour Auto.



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