Peugeot reveals new logo, a tribute to the old

Peugeot reveals new logo, a tribute to the old

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Peugeot reveals new logo, a tribute to the old

Peugeot’s brand renaissance begins with a new roaring lion

Peugeot has redesigned its iconic lion logo as part of a major makeover, one of the first significant changes for any brand under the new Stellantis banner.

The last time the logo was changed was 2010, in which Peugeot’s design was said to reflect its move upmarket. This time around, Peugeot’s new look is intended to introduce its forthcoming next-generation product roll-out, including the new Peugeot 308.

UPDATE, March 18: Peugeot has now revealed its new-generation 308 hatch, with the brand's new logo taking pride of place. See the story here.

In terms of logo design, the French car maker has done away with its familiar rampant lion – borrowed from the franche-comté coat of arms – instead zooming in on the its head and accentuated mane.

The side profile shows the roaring lion looking particularly fearsome, with a Porsche-like script displaying the Peugeot name above.

Where other recent logo redesigns have gone futuristic (Kia’s, for example), Peugeot’s is a more restrained look that will adorn its new products while referencing its history at the same time. (You can see the brand's brand evolution here on its own website.)

Peugeot says its new logo represents what Peugeot meant yesterday, what Peugeot means today, and what Peugeot will mean tomorrow. It adds that this new logo has been designed for a timeless look.

A preview of the logo was first seen on the retro E-Legend concept which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. Since, it has been spotted on a number of 308 prototype test vehicles.

The new logo will find its first home on the forthcoming Peugeot 308, and will grace all its dealerships by 2023.

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