Peugeot Will Electrify its Whole Range in Europe by 2025

Peugeot Will Electrify its Whole Range in Europe by 2025

Peugeot Will Electrify Its Whole Range In Europe By 2025

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Peugeot announced plans to electrify its whole range in Europe in the course of the next four years. The electrification rate is expected to grow from 70 percent this year to 85 percent by 2023 before reaching 100 percent by 2025.


This doesn’t mean that Peugeot will stop offering petrol and diesel powertrains. As part of the “Power of Choice” strategy, the French company will provide plug-in hybrid or fully electric versions of every member of its ICE range.

Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson said that sales results of electrified models in Europe are “excellent”. She also stated that their goal for international markets where electrification is emerging is to use their portfolio of electrified models “to stand out as an inventive, premium generalist brand.”

Peugeot’s current range includes the plug-in hybrid versions of the facelifted 3008 C-SUV, the 508 sedan, and the 508 SW. Those models are offered in Hybrid form with one electric motor and FWD and in Hybrid4 form with two electric motors and AWD.


The latest addition is the new generation 308 in hatchback and SW bodystyles which come in two FWD plug-in hybrid flavors right from its launch. Those are combining the 1.6-liter PureTech petrol engine in two power outputs with a single electric motor. The same setup is available in the brand new generation of the Opel Astra and the more premium DS 4 compact crossover sharing the same underpinnings.

As for fully electric models, Peugeot offers the e-208 supermini, followed by the e-2008 SUV sitting on the same eCMP platform. This architecture has given us numerous electric vehicles for other brands of Stellantis, including the Opel Corsa-e / Mokka-e, DS3 Crossback E-Tense, and the larger Citroen e-C4.


The French company is also offering fully electric versions of its whole commercial vehicle range including the Peugeot e-Partner (and its e-Rifter passenger version), e-Expert (and e-Traveller passenger MPV), and e-Boxer vans.

This means the only non-electrified Peugeot models are the soon-to-be-discontinued 108 city car, the aging 301 budget-friendly sedan, and the 5008 seven-seater SUV which could get the same plug-in hybrid powertrains with its 3008/508 siblings in the near future.

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