The Peugeot e-2008: A Car That Puts Domestics To Shame

The Peugeot e-2008: A Car That Puts Domestics To Shame

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The Peugeot e-2008: A Car That Puts Domestics To Shame

Is the e-2008 Peugeot a beast? No. But it’s definitely one all-electric SUV you want to take a look at.

Let’s face the music; the era of gas-powered cars is gradually coming to a close. Electric SUVs are reaching the top by leaps and bounds. The Chevrolet Bolt EV, The Ford Mustang Mach-E, The Volkswagen e-UP, and many others are some of the recent electric vehicles that are hitting the big time.

The sales rates are rapidly growing, and of course, it’s not happening without a reason. Electric cars offer features ingrained in the latest technologies, and their general maintenance costs are much lower than of petrol or diesel cars. Besides, they run smoothly and save you from pesky city traffics. That makes the car manufacturers spare no effort in presenting EVs to the market.

The French automaker Peugeot didn’t want to be left behind. Thus, the 2008 Peugeot, containing a 99bhp 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine, came along with a brother: The e-2008 Peugeot. Thanks to the reasonable price range, it could stand out in the market from the first day it went on sales. The sharp-looking design and comfortable handling prove that Peugeot has done a superb job with both the design and the performance.

The e-2008 is actually better than what it seems. With this car, Peugeot made it clear that we should be expecting first-rate French electric cars in future.

Say Hello To A Tranquil Driving Experience

Equipped with a 100kW electric motor, the electric version of the Peugeot 2008 can make up to 193 miles. It’s powered by a 50kWh battery installed on the floor, which leads to more room and cargo volume.

The three driving modes are Eco, Normal, and sport. Using each of these, you can choose whether you want to optimize range (fixed at 60kW), go for the average power (fixed at 80Kw), or maximize the performance (the full 100 kW) respectively.

Broadly speaking, electric cars are extremely quiet since there is no internal combustion engine, and that’s true for the e-2008 as well; the engine runs readily and almost all the unwanted noises are held back. Driving the e-2008 Peugeot, just like driving any other electric car, feels slick and relaxing.

The Inviting Design Is Not A Trick

Speaking of the exterior, the e-2008 Peugeot looks terrific. It shares the same platform with the 208, but it’s larger. The triple claw mark headlights and the sharp body design make this car look sportier and less timid. The rear part is spectacular as well and helps the e-2008 to retain its sporty appearance while it’s most attractive as a family compact SUV. But there’s more inside.

The e-2008 Peugeot offers 434 lit for the cargo space, which can be more up to 1,467 lit with the back seats folded down. Also, it comes with underfloor storage where you can find the six-meter type two charging cable. The cargo volume seems completely fair to meet the daily needs although it might not be as satisfactory as of the Chevrolet Traverse or the Honda Passport.

Inside the cabin, you can find a number of storage compartments as well; there’s a big one between the two front seats, some additional space in front of the gear stick, and a mediocre-sized glove compartment. There’s enough room for 5 passengers up to 6 feet tall. Nonetheless, those a bit taller can also get a good amount of leg and head room, thanks to the slightly curved roof.

You Can Pay Less And Still Have The A-1 Facilities

Not much is missing for the top-level qualities. The touch-screen infotainment screen is located right in the center, accompanied by a group of buttons right below it. The whole system isn’t efficient enough, especially the buttons, but don’t worry; it supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Peugeot has utilized the cockpit design for the instrument cluster. This gives the driver some kind of a 3D effect which allows the driver to be more exposed to the important information; however, it’s not as efficient as required because it gets baffling, and also, it sometimes doesn’t respond on the spot.

Furthermore, there are 4 USB ports, two for the center console and two for the rear passengers. You can also have a wireless charging pad if you go for the GT models. What’s more for the higher trims is customizable ambient lighting to bring some more charm to the cabin.

Peugeot did a good job on inserting a bunch of high-tech features into the e-2008 and still, setting a reasonable charge. The price range starts at £28,150 and rises up to £34,275 for the GT trim. This is remarkably lower than most of the other electric cars, such as Tesla Model S, Polestar 2, Audi e-Tron, competing mostly in the luxury end of the market.

A Family-Friendly Ride

Is it really good? The answer is a simple yes. If you’ve never had an electric SUV, the e-2008 Peugeot can be a smart pick. It’s convenient and practical, and carries almost all a driver needs. It’s more of a family-friendly car, but the design is attractive enough for those interested in sporty style too.

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